Due to unforseen issues with Amazon.com being a fascist-run website, I’ve had to create a new email address and Amazon sign-in name. Seems that with my last sign-in they decided I was sending out too many invitations to reviewers and therfore have prevented me from continuing in the way I’ve already gotten you readers to come over and take a look at futureproof. So I apologize if you have receieved or recieve at some point in the future another Amazon invite from me. Now that I have had to create a new account with them I have no way of knowing who I’ve already contacted. Therefore, if you reviewed a Chuck Palahniuk book and I contacted you that way, you might also recieve an invite based on your review of “The Catcher In the Rye” (the book whose reviewers I’m contacting now). So…..here’s a preemptive apology. I hope you understand. ~NFD

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