Zeenythe Communications Runs Article About FUTUREPROOF Campaign

Sorry for the slowness of the updates. I’ve been consumed with trying to get more readers on the site. Now the newest leg of the FUTUREPROOF campaign has begun. During this leg the FUTUREPROOF website is going to be prominently featured on several blogs. The first is Zeenythe Communications, a website dedicated to helping writers “reach the pinnacle of success.” I ran into Zinta Aistars, the proprietor of the blog, in the same way I came into contact with many of you: I sent her an email regarding a book review she’d posted on Amazon. She checked out the site, then asked if I’d like to contribute an article showcasing the promtional activities I’ve been engaged in with FUTUREPROOF. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to have another avenue for FUTUREPROOF’s discovery by more readers. So check out the link. And for you other aspiring writers out there, I’d highly recommend subscribing to Ms. Aistar’s monthly newsletter, which is chock-full of inspirational and useful advice on writing and getting noticed in the often glutted market. Talk soon. ~NFD


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One response to “Zeenythe Communications Runs Article About FUTUREPROOF Campaign

  1. girlgrey

    the problem isn’t so much that the market is glutted – there is plenty of room for artists. the problem is the shit that gluts the market – the auto- and bio-graphies of semi-famous people; the political spewtum hurled from one side toward the other via booksales; the insincere drivel that passes for emotional, experiencial art. it’s the muck. muck we must resist.

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