Gathering Strength

Wow. WOW. That’s about all I can muster at this point. The outpouring of support grows stronger every day, guys. Every time I log onto the site and see another supportive comment in the guestbook, it sounds the bell ever more clearly that we are on to something. Something’s got to come through soon, I can feel it…..can you?

Keep reading and sending those emails and leaving comments in the guestbook. Every single supporter strengthens my resolve to get FUTUREPROOF out there. Every single added voice makes it all the more certain that some day VERY SOON, this novel will make it to the shelves of your local book store and the revolution in publishing will be well on its way. We are democratizing the publishing industry. Hallelujah!!!!

Talk soon. ~NFD

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One response to “Gathering Strength

  1. girlgrey

    i love the novel. at the same time, it disturbed me, being a midwestern, marching band, clean-living dame. i keep thinking of that one comment from that person who said she didn’t ENJOY reading it, but that she will be thinking about it and its repurcussions for the rest of her life. that kills me. if i EVER had one person say that about ANYTHING i ever did (teaching, poetry, sex 😉 , anything – i’d be revelling in the afterglow. seriously. we all know you are going to get it. it is just a matter of dense and/or afraid people coming around. and for those who don’t come around? they’ll be sorry. just wait.

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