Here’re some songs that I listened to while writing/editing FUTUREPROOF. I’m in a pretty weird mood right now, so I’m listening to this mellow shit. I’ll post a different track listing of more upbeat shit in a few days. Hopefully F’PROOF will be ready to go by then.

1. Michelle–The Beatles
2. Car Crash–Tricky
3. Today Is the Day–Yo La Tengo
4. Hidden Place–Bjork
5. Ego Tripping At the Gates of Hell–Flaming Lips
6. It’s My Life–Talk Talk
7. Feel Free–Son Volt
8. Scatterbrain–Radiohead
9. Future Proof–Massive Attack (yes, the book was already titled futureproof before I heard this song)
10. Paddy’s Lament–Sinead O’Connor
11. In Spite of Me–Morphine
12. This One’s Gonna Bruise–Beth Orton
13. Old Man–Neil Young
14. Across the Universe–Fiona Apple

15. Closedown–The Cure
16. Names–Cat Power
17. Fog–Radiohead
18. Parasite–Nick Drake
19. We Will Become Silhouettes–The Postal Service
20. It Is Safe–Matt Pond PA
21. The Sea & The Rhythm–Iron & Wine
22. Second Self-Portrait Series–Rachel’s
23. Take Care–Yo La Tengo
24. Stories of the Street–Leonard Cohen

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