Chat TONIGHT, Chat in 2 Weeks With Josh Kilmer-Purcell (I AM NOT MYSELF THESE DAYS)

Hello, everybody, my faithful readers. Tonight I will be in the chatroom at from 9-11 p.m. I’d love to chat with you guys again. But this is more than just a mere chat. No, like everything else surrounding futureproof, this will be the start of something far bigger than just chatting. For you see, on Tuesday, April 4th, Josh Kilmer-Purcell, NY TIMES bestselling author of the memoir I AM NOT MYSELF THESE DAYS, will be the first of a series of authors generously dedicating an hour or two of his time to come talk to us about his book, writing in general, and anything else you might want to ask him. The only catch is that, due to the incredibly large turn-out this is likely to bring about, we are going to have to limit who can actually participate in the chat to around 20 people. The 20 people who will be invited for the private chat with Josh will be chosen based on their level of interest, displayed as such by submitting questions to me beforehand. So if it sounds at all apealing to talk in real time with an incredibly gifted and gracious author, check out Josh’s book:

Give I AM NOT MYSELF THESE DAYS a read and then send me your questions for Josh. And for all those who don’t get to participate, I will be reposting the entire chat on my blog.

“…a delicate narrative that spares not an ounce of pain but never once aims for contrition. Effortlessly entertaining yet still heartfelt; the romance of life as an escape artist.”


“jaw-dropping….[Josh Kilmer-Purcell’s] trenchant memoir captures the madcap rush of the once-closeted arriviste’s first brush with city life, a fall from innocence that still haunts him. (Pasages recounting his idyllic boyhood are particularly wrenching.) Remarkably, he retells the saga of their doomed affair with levelheaded grace.”

Entertainment Weekly

“I AM NOT MYSELF THESE DAYS is a glittering, bittersweet vision of an outsider who turned himself into the life and soul of the party. Kilmer-Purcell’s cast is part freak-show, part soap-opera, but his prose is graced with such insight and wit that the laughter is revelatory, and the tears – and there are tears to be shed along this extraordinary journey – are shed for people in whom everybody will find something of themselves. In a word, wonderful.”

CLIVE BARKER, author, filmmaker, artist

“Sex, drugs, money, men dressed as women, women trying to care for them, real jobs and pretend jobs, make-up and glitter and highheels and fake tits and goldfish, true love, doomed love, crazy stupid destructive love, big expensive apartments, dirty trash strewn alleys, heartbreak and loneliness, disco balls and dance clubs, pain pain pain and beautiful New York City, I AM NOT MYSELF THESE DAYS is a wonderful book, a ridiculous book, a sad and beautiful book, a book I’ll read again, a book I highly recommend.”

JAMES FREY, author of “A Million Little Pieces”, “My Friend Leonard”

See you guys tonight. Now get reading.

Talk soon.


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