Guidelines For Josh Kilmer-Purcell Chat Tonight

Not sure how many of you are planning on stopping by the chat tonight with Josh, but I just wanted to set it up a little so you know what to expect…..

The chatroom will hold 50 people at once, including Josh, me and my webmaster, Ryan Scott. So obviously your chances of actually talking to Josh are better if you show up a little early. The chat will begin at 7:30 p.m . EST.

Since this is a moderated chat, you won’t be able to converse amongst each other until the chat ends around 9 p.m. Everything you type in will go directly to Josh, and he will then answer the questions as quickly as he can. If there is full capacity in the room, and everyone is asking questions, I’m sure he’ll feel a little overwhelmed, so just be patient until he gets to your question. Once he has chatted for around an hour and a half, the moderation will be turned off so that everybody can talk to each other.

Thanks so much for coming out, you guys. There are a whole bunch of authors lined up to do thjese chats approximately every 3 weeks. So get ready to do some great reading and having some great conversation with some incredibly gifted writers.

See you tonight!

Oh, and by the way, the chat operates on java, so if you don’t have it, you can just go to and download it for free, so that your computer will be able to host the chatboard.
Talk soon.~Frank


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