The Beginning Has Officially Begun

Tonight was the first of a series of chats with authors on my site, It was with, of course, Josh Kilmer-Purcell, who was gracious enough to come along and venture into pretty much uncharted territory. You see, for years now, it has been industry standard for writers to not only NOT work together (writing is, of course, a solitary, mostly lonely profession), but to compete against each other. When I started promoting futureproof, I decided I’d take a page outta the ol’ Wu-Tang Clan handbook, and not only try to band together with other writers, but to do so in order to change shit on the ground and in the industry at large. This here, NY Times best-selling author Josh Kilmer-Purcell coming over to my lil ol’ site to talk with lil ol’ readers and aspiring writers like us–him doing that is something that I’m sure many successful writers back in the olden days would have looked down upon, would have percieved as being beneath them. But not Josh. And not a whole fucking lot of other authors who have already agreed to do the same. These are the new breed. And let me be the first to throw down the gauntlet here and now and say that if you are an aspiring writer and aren’t marking out the days on your calendars with a fat red marker to denote when these chats with successful writers are going to take place, then you are missing the proverbial goddam boat. If you seek success and aren’t willing or open to hearing the words of those who are already successful, then you’re handicapping yourself. The five or six other writers who have so far agreed to come over to my site to do these chats aren’t doing so because they necessarily think that futureproof is the next big thing and they want on board. No. They are the new breed. They are doing this because they know that to be successful in this time, when something as old a form as the book is in constant (mostly losing) battle with all the other media options out there, the way to reignite the public’s passion and interest in something now seen as mundane as “reading” is to get the public interacting with them, to feel a part of the mystique–or whatever the hell you want to call it–of writing. And I am honored that they are open to me, an unpublished author, as part of the catalyst of this seachange. Because when I wrote futureproof I wasn’t satisfied with just being another guy who wrote a book. I wanted my book to cause change. And bigger than that, I wanted that change to take place not in just the small scope of whatever writing I could churn out, but on the larger level of the entire publishing industry. Everything starts small, of course, but you’ve gotta start somewhere. So get on board and become an active part of this change. Let’s all work together, readers, highly succesful writers, and writers still trying to break through. We are all part of the bigger picture, we are all part of the solution to the deadening of our society. WORDS will always be the way, I’m convinced. I live by that ethos. And I know that many if not most of you do, too.
Talk soon.


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