This, That, The Other Thing

I’ve been waiting for what seems an exhorbitant amount of time to finally be able to announce that the futureproof website is now chock-full of goodness, as webmaster extraordinnaire Ryan Scott has updated the site with some just incredible stuff.

  • the chat room, if you haven’t seen it yet, is completely new and improved, with all kinds of color options and sound effects, etc, as well as being way way more user-friendly. We had to upgrade in order to facilitate the visiting author chats, the second of which features Samantha Dunn. Click on the “visiting authors” link to see her full profile.
  • There is a new link, “DIY”, the sole purpose of which is to get people with spare time and a love for slathering city walls and telephone poles with fliers a great way to promote futureproof. Click on the link and there are two different sized black and white fliers in the vein of the old punk bands that used to promote themselves in this way. I figured that futureproof and this whole movement to get it published comes from the same grassroots, underground ethos, so why not emulate the techniques used? Print out a couple and help spread the word.
  • Under the “swag” link, the t-shirts and posters are now (finally!) available. The shirts are available in sizes small through XXL, and are only $10 a piece. The posters are from a limited run of 500, are 12″x17″, and will be used mainly for sending out to bookstores so that they can have a promotional way of increasing the visibility of fp when they agree to carry it in their stores. All the proceeds from these shirts and posters go directly toward ordering more books and then getting these books inside more brick and mortar bookstores. I hope you guys will cause a run on the old bank with your fervor for these promo items.
  • If at all possible, I’d now ask with all supplication that if you have read futureproof, please go to as soon as you can, and write a review. The best way, I believe, to insure that a publishing house picks this book up is to show them that even with our modest means, we are creating a serious buzz around fp. How better to do that than to let them go to Amazon and see 100+ reviews for our little self-published book? I thank you kindly in advance.

    I’ll be in the chatroom tonight from 9 pm EST on. Love to see you guys there. And thanks a million for the unwavering support. It has been a godsend and I cannot adequately thank you all enough.

    Talk soon.

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