FP Chosen

It’s a great honor for me to announce that FUTUREPROOF has been chosen as a selection of the (month? week?) on the famous POD-dy Mouth blog (www.girlondemand.blogspot.com). For those who haven’t heard about girl on demand, she is a published writer (her second novel was just published this year with Penguin) who decided out of the goodness of her own heart (and also helped by a crazy masochistic streak), to start looking into the tens of thousands of Print-On-Demand titles that come out every year. You can read in her own words how she started this venture HERE.

She looks into around 1,500 titles per year, and publishes reviews for the ones she thinks are the most worthy of publication by actual houses. She’s discovered Will Clarke’s LORD VISHNU’S LOVE HANDLES, which went from P.O.D. to publication by Simon & Schuster (Will, by the way, will be doing a chat at my site some time this summer) and has been optioned by Paramount pictures. Not too shabby for a book that all kinds of publishers turned down, but which then found legs through great word-of-mouth. And a main contributer for this kind of w.o.m. is POD-dy Mouth. I am honored by her selection of futureproof. Please check out her review.


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