Flaming Lips, Secret Code, Marathon Chat

The Boy In the Bubble

Sunday night Ali and I had a great, ten-hour(!) reprieve from our wonderful children, which allowed to run downtown and catch a FREE day-long concert at Centennial Olympic Park. It was hot as all hell in HOTlanta that day, my friends, and we were armed for bear. My loving wife dutifully packed up her carryin’ purse with sunblock, a few Flaming Lips CDs, a couple copies of FUTUREPROOF (you didn’t think I ever really rested did you?), lip balm, Sharpies (in case we got a chance to talk to the band–which is also why the books were brought, in case you hadn’t already added the 2 to the other 2 yet), gum, cigarettes–you get the point. We hardly ever get the chance to do stuff like this, so we were prepared for anything.

De La Soul came on the stage and we were just blowing UP. The whole crowd was. It was an awesome experience to see them, one of the first hip-hop acts I ever loved, from way back in ’89, and there they were, dropping science and dope beats not ten feet from us. Beautiful.

In between bands, we walked up to a tent and checked out these graphic artists who were selling their silk-screened posters. I got the one artists’ contact info, Lindsay Kuhn, and spoke to him (of course) about commissioning an exclusive FUTUREPROOF print. Here’s a small sticker he did of a Beck/Flaming Lips concert:

The closer of the night was The Motherfucking Incredible Flaming Lips. As you can see in the pic at the top of this post, Wayne Coyne, their esteemed leader, is a crazy, awesome bastard, and he started the show flanked by a group of Santa Clauses and Space Aliens, then jumped into the crowd in that giant baloon-type thing. And there was a huge video screen, the other band member were wearing halloween costumes, there were continuous cannon-bursts of confetti showered on the crowd. It was just…a typical, beautiful Flaming Lips show. DO NOT DIE until you have a chance to go see one. They’re fucking amazing. I’ve seen over a hundred bands in my time, and the Lips are top 3 live. So anyway, with the cool of the Georgia evening settled upon us, and our spirits lifted by a joyful show, Ali and decided we’d wait and see if we couldn’t meet Wayne and the gang, maybe try to palm off a copy of FUTUREPROOF to him. We waited for more than an hour, were about to have to go, as the babysitter was told we’d be back by midnight and it was already nearing 1. But then Wayne and Michael (Ivins, the bassist/guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Lip) showed up. They talked to the small crowd still clamoring for them for about 25 minutes. So congenial and gracious. Then they signed the setlist for me

and Wayne accepted the copy of FUTUREPROOF, saying he’d DEFINITELY READ IT!!! Can you tell I was happy? I was. And still am. That man and his band–I’ve admired them for years, the artistry they put into everything they do, how they haven’t compromised themselves for commercial gain. They just keep on doing what they do and the fans reward them for it. And now they will read FUTUREPROOF. Couldn’t be happier. OK, now for some business-type stuff (nothing too heavy though, promise).

The Secret Code

If you felt like it, you could post this code somewhere on your website/Myspace page, which would provide a bunch of people a direct link to FUTUREPROOF. That would be kickass. Thanks. Oh, and thanks to Chad for telling me how to make the code appear in that little box as opposed to actually showing the images. Kids these days. They know all kinds of shit.

Marathon Chat

Tomorrow, in anticipation and promotion of Sarahbeth Purcell‘s chat (tomorrow night at 9 P.M. EST), I will be in the chatroom at www.futureproofbook.com from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Yes, TWELVE straight hours of typing (terribly). I’m hping that this will be a good way to meet a bunch of you guys, and that it’ll maybe induce a bunch of you to start using the chatroom more often. I am paying an assload for it, and it is currently used on average for about three hours once a week. I know a lot of you go in there from time to time, but I keep getting emails from people saying that they go in and nobody is there. So you guys must be missing each other or something. But not tomorrow. No sir. I’ll be in there all day. And then awesome author Sarahbeth Purcell will finish out the night. Not bad, eh? See you tomorrow!

Talk soon.




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2 responses to “Flaming Lips, Secret Code, Marathon Chat

  1. N. Frank Daniels

    What’s wrong with the chatroom I have? It has all the bells and whistles, plus allows for chat moderation.

  2. Colleen

    Hello. I thought that the chat room was great yesterday. I bee-bopped in and out all day and met some interesting people. It was my first time there, in fact it was my first time in a chat room EVER…….. Thanks for the positive experience.

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