Kicking Off The (Sporadic) FUTUREPROOF Book Tour

Your Fave Author IN THE FLESH

The worst kept secret for FUTUREPROOF fans is now officially announced: The first date of what will hopefully turn into a year-long book tour is just around the corner. On Saturday, June 10th, from 3-5 p.m., I will be reading and signing FUTUREPROOF at the Berea College Book Store in Berea, Kentucky. Berea is my alma mater, so I thought this would be a great place to kick off the tour.

Berea, KY is about 40 minutes south of Lexington, and within a couple of hours from Tennessee, North Carolina and Ohio. I’ve been told that some are traveling as far as 7 hours to come to the reading. Holy shit, now that’s dedication. Thank you all for all of your support. I can’t wait to meet a whole bunch of you.

Talk soon (and see you sooner).



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  1. N. Frank Daniels

    You rule man. Thanks for the tips. Thanks for making an otherwise shitty day better.

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