Momentum–It’s Picking Up

Never thought I’d be posting a pic of Entertainment Weekly here, but shit happens. In this case, some really good shit. Seems that in the current issue of EW, they did a small story on PODdy-Mouth (, and posted pics of the five books she has chosen for 2006. Guess whose book was one of ’em? That was a great thing to see upon opening the mag. Even better, that my friend and co-conspirator Henry Baum was also featured in the same article. We figure we’re Big Time now. But seriously, this sets the stage for the Big Time announcement we both have coming up in the next week or two. It’ll be worth the wait, I promise. I’ve also gotten a great amount of feedback since my last posting, and am pleased to announce that in short time (starting in September), I’ll be posting a blog every second Saturday over at the glorious Publishers Marketplace blog of Susan Henderson. She’s awesome for many, many reasons and has been supportive of us and our long-term goals for a long while now. I’m honored to be able to have asoapbox on her site.

Finally, our friend Rachel Kramer Bussel, a fabulous writer and columnist over at MediaBistro, has written a great article about authors using Myspace as a way of mining new readers and staying in touch with other writers. All on its own, this is an insightful look into a blossoming myspace culture, but it’s even better when yours truly is quoted within. Check it out. And thanks again for all the unwavering support I’ve gotten from all of you. Onward and upward!

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