LITPARK: I Got A New Place To Yell About Stuff

During my travels (mainly internet ones, granted, but that’s still kind of like actually traveling because you run into so many new and interesting people all the time and can see some crazy shit here that no one would ever believe unless you could actually give them a link to it–and on the ‘net you can…so in that way it’s actually better to be well-internet traveled. Yes, I’m trying to make myself feel better about my status as a virtual shut-in.), I’ve come across so many incredible people that I can’t express accurately how much my life has been changed by them. And every once in a while someone comes along who really just ratchets up the level of awesomeness another ten or fifteen notches. Most recently that super-ratcheter has been one Susan Henderson.

Susan’s a very special lady because not only does she completely see eye-to-eye with me on so many publishing industry-realted issues, but more importantly because she is well-connected within the industry and yet…THAT DOESN’T MATTER. Yes, Sue Henderson, despite possibly risking some of her clout, speaks her heart and lets others who have something to say have a place to say it. She is world-fucking-class. And she just recently launched her new literary blog. It’s called LitPark: Where Writers Come to Play. Litpark is chock full of goodness. She has all kinds of incredible writers coming by all the time to talk about everything under the sun. And they aren’t just no-names like yours truly. She’s had Neil Gaiman. Need I say more? NEIL GAIMAN. And now she’s offered to deal with me, and all of you every month, for my new column, FRANK DANIELS’ LIT RIOT. So check it out and spread the word, by all means. This is another giant step in making publishing bend to our endless, relentless will.

Please welcome Sue into the fold. She is a warrior.

Talk soon.


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