Calling All Flier Bombers

OK guys, this is the final stage in making the 2006 FUTUREPROOF book tour a raging success (besides actually showing up at the readings, of course). Below you will find clickable links to the fliers custom-created for each city and venue by my indestructible webmaster and designer Ryan Scott.

Here’s the deal on the links: Each thumbnailed flier is city-specific. So if you are going to flier-bomb Columbia (the first reading this coming Saturday), just click on the Columbia pic and a ready-made word document will open with the image right on it. When you click “print” a wrning message is going to pop up saying that the document has margins that fall outside the printable range, but that’s bullshit. Just click “ok” and it will print out perfectly.

Now, I don’t expect you guys to waste all your ink and toner on printing up a hundred or even 200 of these. But I figure, since they are all one color (b&w–except for the NYC flier), they should be pretty cheap to copy at Kinko’s. *I WILL REIMBURSE YOU THE COPY COSTS.* All I ask is that you message or email me first before you go printing up 10,000 of these because I don’t want to arrive in Philly and have 15 people telling me that I owe $15 a piece. So if you live in a dorm and are just going to print out 5 or ten to put up around your lounge, great, otherwise MAKE SURE YOU CONTACT ME FIRST if you are going to get all badass militant and glue these on every stop sign, empty wall and bus stop in your fair city. Just have to make sure I’ll be able to do what I say and pay you guys for your hard work. All I need is a reciept, and due to the large amount of fliers going out it’s probably going to be limited to 6-10 people putting up large numbers.

Thanks for helping me make this tour a true event. It would be nothing without you.
Talk soon.



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