New Shit

Hey guys, Happy beautiful freezing cold Saturday to you. Just a couple of things:

My latest post is up on LitPark this a.m. It’s short and sweet and sure to get the juices flowing. Take a read and leave a comment on the state of writers and our near desperation.

Also, probably the best post I’ve ever had written about futureproof and RiotLit has just been posted over at influential writer/blogger N.L . Belardes’ site. He actually called futureproof THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK OF 2006! Not too shabby, eh? PLEASE take a read there when you have a minute. We’re combining forces and kicking ass. We need your help.

Got another plug from the wonderful PODdy Mouth. She promoted four books this holiday season and futureproof was one of them! As was fellow RiotLit member Jeremy Robert Johnson’s ANGEL DUST APOCALYPSE.

Thanks for the support, all of you. Can’t wait to see what 2007 brings. If I don’t see or talk to you again before hand, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, all that jazz. May any of you who need it stumble upon a Christmas miracle. 🙂

Talk soon.

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