Vonnegut, Modern Saints, Sutherland Sisters

A great friend, Brandon Stickney, has posted the first chapter of his upcoming book about The Seven Sutherland Sisters. It’s a true story, and one of the weirdest, most bizzare stories I’ve ever heard. Basically, these seven sisters and their father found worldwide fame and fortune due to their singing ability and the fact that they all had hair 6 or 7 feet long. They made millions selling hair tonic so other people could try to be as cool as them. They were managed by P.T. Barnum no less. Check out Brandon’s story if you have a minute, please.

Above is the trailer for Black Arrow press’s upcoming anthology, titled, Santi: Lives of Modern Saints. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? But wait, there’s more. It will feature a story by yours truly, and it will appear both in Italian and English. How ya like them apples? I likes ’em a lot. Mark your calendars. December ’07.

Kurt Vonnegut died yesterday at 84. He was a great writer, his influence is everywhere. And he stayed lucid and funny until the end. And during the last few years he always marveled in interviews that he was still alive. “I never thought I’d be around this long,” he’d say, “I’ve had a good life and anything else is just cake.” Or something to that effect. RIP Mr. Vonnegut


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