Going Out With A Bang: One Last ‘A’ Rating?

Just got word from PODler that his (her?) review of futureproof has been posted, and damn if I ain’t pleased. This anonymous reviewer of “the independent novel published through print on demand (P.O.D.) technology” has filled in the gap left behind by the renowned but now defunct PODdy Mouth (who also gave futureproof a rave review, then nominated as one of five books for her annual (and last) NEEDLE Award before disappearing into the ether). PODler was not sparing in words of praise for FP, and ended up with a few new insights into the book that I hadn’t heard previously from any other reviewer. In the end he gave the book an ‘A’.

PODler is just getting up and running, and now that (s)he’s reviewed futureproof it has a chance to be named book of the month for June. But it needs your vote. So please scroll down PODler’s page and give FP your vote for best book of the month if that’s your bag (the vote area is on the bottom right hand side of the page).

And one final request along these lines: if you can find the time and wanna string a few words together to review futureproof on Amazon, I’d really appreciate it. It’s got 26 reviews so far, which isn’t bad for a POD book, but if we could get it to 50 before it goes off the market on August 31, that would kick total ass.

Thanks again for everything guys.

Talk soon.

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