ONE LAST TIME: FUTUREPROOF Needs Your Vote To Get Published

Ok. Its been a long time since I sat down and wrote a proper blog post. There are many reasons, most of which I dont want to get into here. But I need to write and need to interact with you guys and even more, need to ask you to go to this one website and help futureproof get picked up by Simon and Schuster by choosing it over these other 49 books futureproof is in competition with for this lucrative book deal. I’m not holding my breath, but what the hell. When youve got a 1 in 50 shot, you might as well try to make the best of it. I’ll get to the specifics on that in a second. First some news.

I’ve finished my second book. Its offically called THE COLORS AND THE KIDS. Not sure how I’m going to market it yet. Possibly as a memoir since it more or less is one and memoirs are what sells and lets face it, it takes a hell of a lot of effort to write a book so why not try to get it out to the masses. I’m really proud of it and hope you guys get to read it sooner than later.

Um. What else?

Guess I’ll just tell you about this voting thing and hopefully every single person who reads this will take the 5 minutes required to sign up to vote….and maybe tell their friends to do the same.

So here’s the deal:

Go to This site, to try and sum it up in a few words, is basically some kind of stock market thingamajig. It asks its users to bet on which music, movies, tv shows and yes, books, have the best chance of being successful. Here’s the video from the site explaining the whole thing:

Ok, so thats what the site is about. Got it? Now here’s how to do it:

Anyway, even if you’re confused, its still easy to sign up (upper right hand corner of the page) and buy $5,000 worth of shares of futureproof. The more people that use this fake money to buy more futureproof stock, the better chance it has of being chosen by Simon and Schuster. Here’s the direct link to the Media Predict page for futureproof. And remember, you never spend a dime of your money. Once you sign up they give you the 5 grand to ‘spend’ on whatever you want.

So…thanks for the help and the continued support. As always, I’m still a Man on a Mission. But I couldnt get anywhere without you.


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