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FUTUREPROOF SOLD(!!!) To Harper Perennial

After a month or so of awkward negotiating, FUTUREPROOF has officially been sold for publication worldwide to Harper Perennial (an imprint of publishing giant Harper Collins). As can be expected by anyone who’s been following the journey-to-legitimate-publishing saga of FUTUREPROOF over the previous 2 years, I am more than elated at this completely unexpected turn of events. I mean, I couldnt be happier. Soon FUTUREPROOF will takes its place on Harper Perennial’s list next to such authorial legends as Allen Ginsberg, Joyce Carol Oates, Aldous Huxley, Russell Banks, Charles Bukowski, Sylvia Plath, Thomas Pynchon, Denis Johnson, and two of my closest author friends, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and James Frey–both of whom had a hand (I believe) in getting the editors at Harper to take a look at FUTUREPROOF. But get this: This couldnt have come at a more surprising time.
When I was contacted by HP last month I had already decided that I was finished trying to find FP a publisher. It had nearly torn my family apart and had brought me to the literal brink of insanity and complete exhaustion. I had to walk away from it, focus on writing my next book and hope that it would fare better in finding a publisher. And I was totally at peace with that situation. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders when I decided to lay off chasing this publishing dream for FUTUREPROOF. It was as though I was given a reprieve from a Sisyphus-ian life of neverending toil for no return. And then it happened. THEY contacted ME. Yeah, you got that right. Harper Perennial contacted ME and asked if I’d be interested in becoming a part of their list. Just like that. Two years of chasing readers. Two years of building a following for this book in the hope that eventually it would be noticed by someone in a position to do something that would result in the wide-spread germination of this book. Two years of single-minded drive that stretched everything close to if not past its breaking point. And then it dropped in my lap. There’s a lesson here somewhere. I know its going to take some time to figure exactly what it is. But I know this much: never stop reaching. Never give up. If you believe and a whole lot of other people believe as well, eventually something IS going to happen.
Thanks to everyone who has offered me and FUTUREPROOF support over the months and years. Now we move on to the next phase. Stick with me. We’re going places.
FUTUREPROOF: due for publication by Harper Perennial next fall or winter. Everything’s about to change.
Talk soon.



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