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Where My Head’s At: A Year In Review

Georgia’s in the worst drought in 50 years. The Governor held some kind of seance to pray for rain. Now its raining non-stop 3 months later. Doesnt help the outlook much. Things seem bleak I gotta tell ya. I write “thankful” lists daily in this empty house that grows emptier by the day as boxes are loaded and frames are removed from walls. Shelving and dishes. Havent written a goddam word in weeks. Havent done anything in weeks worth noting.

But there is the hope of the New year. Theres always that hope. And the gallon of 15 dollar bourbon siting in the freezer. And the friends that dont call and dont trust anymore. The stain of tough love.

Oh and the 3 bottles of Icehouse carefully rationed. And the kids home on Tuesday.

All the “Demoncrats” are hellbound with the rich people and those old guys with the funny hats that drive go-carts and collect change at stopsigns.

Never thought to do the old “blow in the face” trick. Might’ve saved everything.

I like this video. Retro.

Theres always dancing.



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