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The Massive FUTUREPROOF Book Give Away


It has recently come to my attention that I have 35 so-called “author copies” of my novel, futureproof, just sitting in a box at my agent’s office. So I thought to myself, “Why don’t you sign all those copies and send them out to readers?” Fairly obvious thing to do, I guess.

But here’s the catch: I don’t want to send these books to just anyone. I want to send them to the people “pop” sociologist Malcolm Gladwell refers to as “mavens” and “connectors.”  My novel is doing well three months out of the gate, but there is still a very large, untapped audience out there who don’t even know it exists. Alas, this is the plight of nearly every author. It is one thing to find a willing publisher, quite another to find the audience for your book once it’s actually unleashed upon the world. There are so many different choices for today’s entertainment consumer, it’s no surprise that there would be a struggle for any writer or musician or filmmaker to find all the people who would be truly interested in what he/she has to say. And artists cannot rely upon them to find us. There is just too much obliterating the senses to expect the miracle of overnight success.

So that’s where YOU come in, you mavens and connectors out there. I am looking for SEVEN (7) people to whom I will send five (5) copies of futureproof apiece. One copy will be for you to keep, the other four will be for you to give to other mavens and connectors. (For more in-depth description of just what, exactly, a maven and a connector are/do, you can look at Gladwell’s The Tipping Point wikipedia page, the next best thing to actually reading his incredible book). The overall hope for this futureproof give away is that 35 influential readers will get their hands on these books and spread an epidemic of futureproof fever. Every book has an audience, and this is my push to really find the audience who has been (unknowingly) waiting for a copy of this book to fall into their hands.

So…think you fit the bill? Can you help me find the readers who would really connect with my novel? If so, if you want to be one of the LUCKY SEVEN who has five copies of futureproof mailed directly to your door, email me at NFRANKDANIELS AT GMAIL DOT COM, or just leave a comment under this post. I’d like to have all 35 books mailed out by early next week, so contact me asap.

Oh, and for a good idea of what people are saying about futureproof, take a look at my Myspace page, right column. And thanks in advance for throwing your weight behind me.



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